Born August 9th 2005, Tres Jolie .., Varzi
Aberdeen Terrier
Baas, Macadam's Father
Lucrezia, Macadam's Mother
Lucrezia after births, Agust 11st 2005
Macadam Brother: Matrix / Whisky at age of: 6 1/2 and 7 (Pictures: 1, 2 and 4) - Brothers
Macadam first days
4th day of Macadam, August (12+1) 2005, Varzi - First Meeting with Agostino and Marina
Macadam Open Eyes
Macadam Open Eyes, 25 August 2005
Macadam Open Eyes
Agostino & Marina first Visit to Macadam after wake up, 28 August 2005
Macadam Open Eyes
Macadam Running, (12+1) September 2005
Macadam in Agostino's Hands
Macadam in Agostino's Hands, (16+1) September 2005
Macadam Experiencing Bath, 27 September 2005
Macadam in Varzi, 1 October 2005
Macadam Recovering after Fever, 19 October 2005
Macadam Arrives in Varazze!, 29 October 2005
Macadam Growing, November 11 2005
Macadam in Savona Campus, Genoa University!, 12 November 2005
Macadam after Ago's USA Tour, December 12, 2005
Macadam in early 2006: snow, games, Dragons, January & February 2006
Macadam meet Monzeglio, February 25, 2006
Macadam: Pedigree Vs.Cars, 5-6-7 March, 2006
Macadam Back to Varzi, 18-19 March, 2006
Macadam to Savona Campus for Material Testing & Passport Check, 25 March, 2006
Macadam at Sea and with Ball, April, 2006
Macadam with the new Cut in Varazze, Palm Promenade and Campus, 15-18 April 2006
Macadam goes to University, April, 2006
Macadam on the Terrace, May, 2006
Macadam in May, 2006
Macadam in University, May 2006
Macadam in Arenzano Garden, June 2006
Macadam Plays with Friends, June 2006
Macadam First Sea Experience, July 2006
Macadam is One Year Old, Augst 2006
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Il futuro... e' in grembo a Giove

A Sea Location in Macadam Future?
An University in Macadam Future?
Genoa! University Established in Italy since 1471!
A Master in Macadam Future?
Direction by Dartmouth College, established in NorthAmerican since 1769!
An Office in Macadam Future?
Simulation Team MITIM DIPTEM!

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